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SOLD OUT – Ash Wednesday Day of Recollection

THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT! What a perfect time to pause, come together on beautiful grounds, and really take in the start of this holy season. We want to reflect on where our lives are headed—sometimes we’re laser-focused, other times it feels like life has slipped away from us. This Ash Wednesday, let’s gather to listen, pray, and share how we can nurture a reflective life amidst the everyday hustle and bustle. Our hope is that spending this time together fills us with new hope and a deeper longing to strengthen our relationship with Jesus, the people we hold dear, and the world around us. Join us for a day of spiritual inspiration and personal reflection.

And as we prepare for this meaningful journey together, the form to sign up for this day of spiritual inspiration and personal reflection is right below. We invite you to join us, share in the experience, and contribute to the collective spirit of reflection and renewal. Let’s embark on this journey of faith and connection.

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