A Joy for Reading at Our Lady of Peace School, North Hills

Our Lady of Peace School in North Hills, California has adopted a literacy focus with a goal that every student become a proficient reader, writer, speaker, and listener-across all subject areas. The school aims to instill a joy for reading and curiosity for learning.

In the fall of 2021, Sr. Richardlyn Jones began the formidable task of turning a cluttered storage room into a welcoming, technology-enabled modern library. After researching how to organize and display books by grade level and genre, she developed a plan different from the traditional Dewey Decimal System. The boxes of 3,000 books were transformed into an inviting space to read, learn, and grow. Sr. Richardyn is delighted that the 3rd and 4th graders have been particularly invested in the library as their classroom is nearby. These students have spent time helping dust and care for the books as the library was being put together. Parents donated hundreds of hours of service. This transformation was only possible through the dedicated leadership and creativity of Sr. Richardlyn!  Congratulations!

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