A Catholic congregation of women religious, the Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States are united in one heart, one hope, and one mission to proclaim God’s goodness and compassionate love for people of all faiths and cultures through a variety of ministries, both national and international, particularly serving those who are poor and marginalized.

The Sisters' Story

In 1874, eight sisters arrived in Cleveland, OH to continue the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame in the United States of America. Over the next four years, two hundred sisters came to the United States to teach children of immigrants in northern Ohio and northern Kentucky. By 1924 the community’s growth led to the creation of three separate provinces: Toledo and Cleveland, OH and Covington, KY.

That same year, sisters also began working in California, which became a fourth province in 1961. In 2020, the four provinces united as one province: SND of the United States of America, part of an international congregation of Catholic women, serving the Church in 17 countries on five continents.


Every congregation possesses a charism, a grace originating in the heart of God. The charism of a congregation can be experienced as a contagious, identifiable spirit that expresses an entire way of life.

It is personal and relational, and becomes real when acted upon, believed in, and shared with others. Learn more here:


The sisters are drawn together by their love for Jesus, and their friendship and support for one another. The warmth of their community living, their shared prayer and work, energizes them for ministry with God’s people.


“Is there something more?” Take note of the desires, feelings and experiences of consolation and desolation that arise when considering a vocation to religious life.


The answers to your questions will come, but not necessarily all at once. Sometimes we have to risk stepping out in faith. Dare to live according to the Spirit’s guidance.


If your discernment leads you to the Sisters of Notre Dame, then an application process begins. God’s abundant love will be with you.
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Associate Relationship

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Get Involved

Associates are men and women, married and single, who share in the mission of Jesus Christ through the charism, spirituality, and ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Associates make a non-vowed commitment to serve as partners with the sisters and extend the Notre Dame mission in their own life circumstances.

Prayer Request

Sister Prayer Line

Whether prayer requests are happy, sad, terrifying, or exciting, the Sisters of Notre Dame are always available to join you in prayer. Prayer can be requested for a sick child, a family member battling cancer, personal financial concerns, relationships, the death of a loved-one, job changes, travel, or big life events such as marriages. The power of prayer is available to everyone, and the sisters consider Prayer Line ministry one of the most critical and needed ministries in the world today.

National Prayer Number

Young and old, of all nationalities and faiths, and even those struggling in their personal faith journey are encouraged to call the SND Prayer Line at (440) 279-1163, day or night, 365 days a year. A sister will be answering calls Monday-Friday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (EST)Calls received at other times go to voice mail, and are recorded later that day in a Book of Intentions.

To have your home region join you in prayer, please use the contact information below or select your home region from the drop-down menu in our Prayer Request Form below.

Chardon, OH: prayersCH@sndusa.org 440-279-1163
Covington, KY: prayersKY@sndusa.org 859-291-2040
Los Angeles, CA: prayersCA@sndusa.org

Prayer Request Form

    National Provincial Center
    13000 Auburn Rd.
    Chardon, OH 44024


    (440) 286-7101