First-Ever SND USA Chapter Recap

COVINGTON, KY – We kicked off our first-ever SND USA Provincial Chapter on December 28, 2022.

What is Chapter?

Chapter is a time to reflect, to gather, to celebrate, to plan and to elect delegates for the 2022 SND General Chapter*.

Curious to see behind the scenes? We’ll post Chapter photos below and in our Facebook Stories.

We appreciate your prayers as we gather and prepare for the future!

Sisters Josephe Fernandez, Jacquelyn Gusdane, LaReine Mosely and Michelle Kelly
Sisters Marie Julie Bruss and Joyce Bates
Sister Mary Jo Toll receives her COVID test upon arrival in KY.

*The 2022 General Chapter will take place in Coesfeld, Germany, where the Sisters of Notre Dame congregation was founded. SND delegates from around the world will meet to determine mission priorities for the global SND congregation.

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