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Chardon, OH Mass Schedule

Here are the Sunday and holy day liturgies to be live-streamed during April and May:


Saturday, April 13       4:30 PM     Vigil Liturgy, 3rd Sunday of Easter

Sunday, April 21       10:30 AM      Liturgy, 4th Sunday of Easter (Partners in Mission Sunday)

Saturday, April 27       4:30 PM     Vigil Liturgy, 5th Sunday of Easter



Sunday, May 5         10:30 AM       Liturgy, 6th Sunday of Easter          

Saturday, May 11       4:30 PM      Liturgy, Vigil of the Ascension

Saturday, May 18       4:15 PM      Liturgy, Vigil of Pentecost                

Saturday, May 25       4:30 PM      Liturgy, Vigil of the Most Holy Trinity

To view upcoming livestream masses or to watch previously recorded masses, please click here

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