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Sr. Karlynn: Missionary to Korea

In the photo, the SNDs applaud Sr. Karlynn Werth after receiving a blessing for safe travel. Shown here are Sr. Colette Theobald, Sr. Regina Robbins, Sr. Gina Marie Blunck, and Sr. Joanne Wittenburg, congratulating Sr. Karlynn.

Sr. Karlynn Werth will spend the next six months with the SNDs in South Korea. She will be holding classes in English for the young sisters who already have some mastery in English. These sisters learned English during their years of formation but need further study. Sr. Karlynn, who is looking forward to this opportunity to learn about the Korean culture, will help them improve their conversational English skills. As an international congregation ministering in 18 countries it is very important for the SNDs to know English for international meetings and projects. 

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