Protecting the Environment… and Feeding the Poor

What if this swampland could contribute food to the community and combat over-fishing of Lake Victoria?

Innovation and Environmental Sustainability in Urban Uganda

Despite being less than a mile from Lake Victoria, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, the residents of Mpala have little access to healthy fish. Overfishing, pollution, invasive species, and illegal exportation of fish have led to a decline in fish availability for the local people. Many small fishing operations are being forced out of the industry and the price of fish is too high for locals to afford.  COVID-19 lockdowns severely restricted the flow of food from the countryside into the city, which resulted in massive food shortages that affected the urban poor most acutely. The Ugandan government has asked people to expand aquaculture as an answer to the food shortages as well as the environmental challenges facing the Lake Victoria region.

The Ugandan Sisters of Notre Dame have received a $25,000 grant from the Hilton Fund for Sisters to build and cultivate three fishponds. SND fishponds will provide healthful food and make good use of the swampy land on the property. The fish eat mosquito larvae, so we hope that the mosquito population and spread of malaria will be lessened in this area. Fish will also be sold at an affordable price to the community in order to generate income for an emerging women’s empowerment program.

Through the generosity of the Hilton Fund for Sisters and our global missions donors, SNDs are building a healthy, sustainable future for the urban poor in Uganda. Be a part of systemic change…. donate today at


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