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My NDA Experience: Bridget Price

Bridget Price is the Campus Ministry Director at Notre Dame Academy (NDA) in Park Hills, KY.

Working at Notre Dame Academy (NDA) has really helped me to stay focused on what is important in life. I am guided by the 4 Educational Principles of the SNDs not only in my ministry, but I find myself turning to them in my personal life as well. 

God has always played a central role in my life – but I find myself turning to “Our Good God” and recognizing His provident care playing out in the life of my family. And while most families talk about being made in God’s image – I find myself in discussions with my family about Human Dignity. That it is more than just recognizing God in them – but treating each and every person with respect, no matter their situation. 

I am proud to be a part of the SND community – hearing about other SND ministries such as NDUEC, St. Charles and the mission school in Uganda makes me so happy. While I am not directly involved in those ministries, I feel a sense of joy hearing about how they, too, are positively impacting our community. I love introducing our students to these other ministries and helping them to find ways of being involved – knowing that we are all connected through the Sisters of Notre Dame! 

NDA is a unique high school where young women can learn and develop in an atmosphere that promotes dignity, faith, independence as well as the value of living and working in community. NDA encourages our students to push their boundaries, in service and academics, so that they can transform the world around them – during and after their high school days. 

I see the students and faculty positively impacting the community through the service work that is completed each year. Our students are challenged to serve in the community as the “Hands and Feet of Christ”, helping to meet needs whether those are big or small. That is done through our monthly collections that help give food to the hungry, aid to those experiencing natural disasters, support to mothers and babies through diapers and other baby supplies, school supplies to students and so many more causes. I see that through the number of students who give of their time tutoring, volunteering at the hospital, volunteering in their parishes and serving at many of the local social service agencies.  

I also believe that NDA impacts the community by providing a strong, well-rounded education to young women who will go out and transform our world and community no matter what path they take in life.

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