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My St. Charles Experience: Carolyn Drews

Carolyn Drews retired as Development and Volunteer Coordinator at St. Charles Community in Fort Wright, Kentucky. She now serves as a volunteer at St. Charles.

I have been asked many times what makes St. Charles Community special and unique, and why I am so supportive of their mission of caring for the senior population. In part, it is because I have witnessed loving and compassionate care, residents who feel safe in their environment and employees who go out of their way to make others smile. I have also seen family and care givers comforted and reassured when making difficult decisions and always reminded to take care of themselves as well. I have experienced these testaments to St. Charles’ ministry as a volunteer, retired employee after 16 years, and as a family member of two residents.

I began volunteering at St. Charles as a member of the “Charlie’s Angels” in 2003 when my mother-in-law was a resident at the Lodge, and both of my daughters were employees during high school. Within a short time I joined the staff in Activities. I knew then that I had not just found a “job”, but an extended family. I was honored when asked to step into the role as the Development Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. Raising funds and community awareness is never an easy job, but when you truly believe in the ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame, it is a much easier task.

Almost 7 years ago my own mom became a resident at the Lodge. Like many seniors, she was never really going to be ready to leave her own home and give up some of her independence. But at 90 years of age, it was time. The lifestyle at the Lodge allowed her to keep her independence and remain safe with many of my fellow employees around to support her. Many times she relayed stories of kindness and compassion shown to her. This was especially appreciated during the Covid-19 shut down, as I was retired by then. I’m not sure the employees really know the impact they made on their residents and family members during this challenging time, but I hope they know how much they were and are still truly appreciated.

I continue to be a part of the St. Charles Community as a member of “Charlie’s Angels”. By staying connected through volunteering, I feel I remain a part of the broader Sisters of Notre Dame family. As volunteers, we continue to support the residents and entire staff as much as we can. We sincerely look forward to the day when we can really get back to spending time with our precious residents, whom we so fondly care about.

Through the new Senior Resource Center in Latonia, KY, St. Charles’ ministry extends further into the community and beyond the levels of care provided for the seniors on campus. It is a perfect example of their commitment to all seniors, not just those residing at St. Charles. The Senior Resource Center is making an impact on the lives of seniors and their families through education, information and empowerment when making decisions regarding senior care for themselves or family members.

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