Our Charism

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The charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame is a deep experience of God’s goodness and provident care. In religious congregations, charism is the distinct spirit that directs and guides all members. The Sisters of Notre Dame share in the special gifts of the Holy Spirit given to our spiritual mother, Julie Billiart, to our foundress, Hilligonde Wolbring, and to our co-foundress, Elisabeth Kühling, for the Church and all humankind. This charism moves us to a compassionate love, especially for those most in need. 

Today, the Sisters of Notre Dame are an international community in five continents, 14 time zones, and 17 countries. Sisters of Notre Dame come from all walks of life, at various times of their lives, from different careers, cultures, and collective experiences.

We honor the charism by living Gospel values in vibrant communities, by promoting Catholic education, especially for women and children, in urban and mission schools, and by fostering the fullness of life, especially for people who are poor, sick, and aged. 

Our Spirit

The charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame is rooted in prayer and contemplation and is marked by:

  • a deep experience of the goodness of God
  • the reality of God’s provident love and care for each person
  • a spirit of joyful simplicity and trust
  • love and devotion to Our Lady
  • a living expression enriched by the creative fidelity of each sister
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