Recognizing NDA Los Angeles Salutatorian Joselin Ordoñez-Garcia

Published by SND CA on

Joselin Ordoñez-Garcia became the first person in her family to finish high school. She credits the faith formation she received at Notre Dame Academy Los Angeles with helping her surmount the obstacles of an unpredictable final year. 

“[At Notre Dame], I learned more about my faith and different types of prayers that I can incorporate into my personal life. Those moments also gave me time to reflect on my own actions and myself in general. Over this time, it was difficult to find a quiet time when I could just let go of all of my stress and worries, but I was able to find that peace during my prayer time.”

“I feel that my relationship with God and my faith became stronger throughout this period of my life, and that relationship is something that I want to continue to strengthen.”

Her inspiring story is featured in The Angelus, the official publication of the Los Angeles Archdiocese.


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