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A Spark that Slowly Enflames

Reflected by Sr. Christine Syombua, Delegation Superior

Sister Mary Kristin and Sister Mary Sreeja arrived in Arusha on 7th July, 2021 for the General Visitation in our Delegation. It was indeed a joyous moment to receive them. It was an amazing honor for us especially keeping in  mind the Covid situation in the world!

They stayed with us for three weeks in our Holy Spirit General Delegation. This was not just a time spent but a time well utilized. The visitation involved different groups like The New Leadership Team, Formators, Local Superiors and the Administrators of the main ministries. According to me, this Visitation portrayed the caring support which our Congregation has towards the newly elected leadership team. The entire administration team benefitted through the in service program which lasted for nine days. Different topics were tackled which aimed at assisting the leaders to know their role and how to go about it. It was after they had completed the in service program that they started meeting other groups.

Since we all wished to gain deeper knowledge of our responsibilities and how to manage them, the entire process sought to assist us to be more cognizant of our current situation in our Delegation in order to formulate realistic, effective plans for the future. Under their guidance, we managed to make long range plans and after that we also prioritized them.

We had a special opportunity to visit Simanjiro one of our communities in Maasai area. Here Sister Mary Kristin and Sister Mary Sreeja got the opportunity to inaugurate the water project funded by our congregation for the people of Simanjiro. It was a great joy for the entire community to welcome our Sisters whom they termed as their ‘savior’. Maasai people are cattle keepers. The new water project would help them get water for their animals. This is a precious gift to them!

We deeply thank these our two daring leaders for the love they have for our mission here in our Delegation. This was love in action! The spark they have given us during the past three weeks is slowly lighting up the flame within us. We were truly enriched and reenergized by the wonderful inputs, thoughts and ideas we got from our dear Sisters. We value and thank God for their insights and guidance.

May our own assessment of our Delegation and dialogue sparked by the General Visitation continue to bear abundant fruits. We all resolved to actively continue promoting vocations to the religious life especially to our Delegation in order to get more new members for the mission of Jesus.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Sister Mary Kristin and Sister Mary Sreeja for taking risk to come to Tanzania during such challenging time of the Covid ‘19’ and for having carried out this task of in-service in such a professional and friendly manner.

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