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Tomatoes a-plenty from a much-needed greenhouse in Tanzania

A recent grant from the Hilton Fund for Sisters provided the necessary resources to construct an underground water storage system and a greenhouse for cultivation of food at the Aloysia House in Kiomboi, Tanzania. The 30 residents of Aloysia House are among the most vulnerable people in Tanzania: they are children who have either lost their parents to HIV/AIDS or have been removed from their homes for another reason.

During the rainy season, the ground was becoming water-logged and flooding the orphanage, bringing sharp debris, animals, insects, and water-borne diseases into the sleeping areas. When the water collects, it breeds mosquitos and spreads malaria. Soil erosion has further damaged the land and contributed to an unsafe environment. In the dry season, the sisters struggle to secure enough water for cleaning, cooking, and sanitation.

By collecting the water during the rainy season, it can be stored and then used to cultivate healthier food for the children–an abundance of tomatoes! Sr. Esther Kavumba expresses her gratitude in a recent email: “Thank you! Working with the children helps them to learn and brings a lot of joy. The children are very happy to work especially in the green house. Each time we enjoy the fruits of the green house and the clean water we remember you and the entire Hilton Team, offering special prayers for you.”

The SND USA Mission Advancement staff in California provided grant writing assistance to the East African Sisters. Thank you to all of the donors and partners who have provided life-changing educational and social services in East Africa for more than 25 years. 

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