A Spark that Slowly Enflames

The spark they have given us during the past three weeks is slowly lighting up the flame within us. We were truly enriched and reenergized by the wonderful inputs, thoughts and ideas we got from our dear Sisters. We value and thank God for their insights and guidance.

Uganda Enters Second COVID-19 Lockdown

As I write now, all the sisters are settled, in and the training is going on well. For me this is a great miracle! Calling sisters to move from one country to another within that short time was not an easy task. But by God’s grace it worked perfectly because every sister became involved in these new arrangements. It was indeed ‘a great communion.’

CA Associates Gathering

California Associates gathered outdoors for fellowship for the first time since March 2020. Although Zoom gatherings have been held weekly for the past year, this was a great opportunity for people to meet and share in person! To find out more about the next CA Associate opportunities, please contact Sr. Read more…