4th of July Festival 2022 – Covington, KY

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Dear Friends,

In 1922, Warren G. Harding was president, the Cincinnati Reds played at Redland Field, WLW-AM celebrated its first radio transmission, and the St. Joseph Heights Society hosted the inaugural Sisters of Notre Dame July 4th Festival.

That first festival 100 years ago was held to raise funds for the construction of our St. Joseph Heights building on Dixie Highway. Just as the iconic building still stands today, so do the festival partnerships and traditions we have been fortunate to build over the last century!

We hope you will mark the festival on your calendar and join us in celebrating Independence Day and 100 years of family-friendly festival fun. (Please do come if you’re in town! We’ve missed seeing all of our wonderful friends the past two years!)


Sr. Dennise Wagenlander

Margie Schnelle


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